This course is designed to help local road agencies, engineers and public works personnel reduce the incident of traffic crashes through the application of practical low cost “best safety practices” geared to local/rural roads. Many of these best practices feature the efficient use of traffic control devices and can be incorporated into routine day-to-day activities.

The course focuses on the implementation of safety strategies described in FHWA’s Toolbox of Countermeasures and Their Potential Effectiveness for Roadway Departure Crashes, Intersection Crashes, and Pedestrian Crashes.

Topics covered:

• Making roads safer, separating myths from reality

• How to read a road

• The U in the MUTCD

• Safer horizontal curve s

• Safer roadsides

• Safer intersection s

• Safety for pedestrians

• Systemic approach to safety

• Inspection and maintenance of traffic control devices

• Is your old road ready for today’s car?