On September 19th, 2019, the Federal Highway Administration EDC-5 Value Capture Innovation Team will host the Value Capture Strategies webinar on Transportation Joint Development Use Right-Of-Way Agreements and Case Studies. The most common joint development arrangements are air-rights development, ground leases, station interface or connection-fee programs, cost sharing arrangements, and incentive agreements. The webinar featured experts share their experiences innovative use of right of way such as air space leases, renewable energies, and fiber/broadband to generate revenue as well as cost saving and social and environmental benefits, which may not be quantifiable in monetary terms.

States and locals across the country are facing the same challenges. Revenues are continuing to decline or diminish and budgets are shrinking while transportation improvements and demands grow. The traditional means of funding and delivering transportation services are no longer adequate, jeopardizing the path to tomorrow’s economy. One potential source of new revenue and cost savings that has gained recent attention is value extraction from highway rights-ofway. This program will be beneficial if your state/local authority is looking for new revenue sources to help address roads and bridges in poor condition, replacing aging highway systems, or want to explore ways to maximize the value of existing public assets by making selected Air Rights available for development in and around transportation facilities. Come to the Value Capture Webinar on September 19th, 2019 at 1:00pm EDT to learn how Value Capture Joint Development Strategies can help your State and locals generate on-going revenue stream to fund future transportation improvements.