This day long Federal-Aid Responsible Charge Training for Directors, Program Managers, Financial Officers, and others is required for the Employee in Responsible Charge of Federally Funded Local Aid projects. This course will provide information and expectations for the first time Federal-aid recipient. This course will be geared towards the employee in Responsible Charge however others will be encouraged to attend including bicycle and pedestrian advocate groups.

A general overview of topics to be covered in a non-technical manner are:

  • Agency Responsibility, NJDOT Eligibility Assessment Interview Form
  • Employee in Responsible Charge
  • Adopting NJDOT procedure vs. writing new ones
  • Consultant Services / Brooks Act / Designer Pool
  • Timeliness of project billing and frequency
  • NEPA
  • ADA
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Complete PS&E
  • Bid process, award and execution of contract
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Inspection
  • Source Documents
  • Buy America
  • DBE Monitoring and Compliance
  • Project Schedule