Value Capture Strategy: Developer Impact Fees (DIF) also known as a Street Impact Fees, Transportation Impact Fees, or System Development Charges, is one-time fee assessed by local government to developers to share of the new or expanded infrastructure costs to the community that will directly address the increased demand for services created by that development. Costs often covered include roads, utilities and public facilities. The goal is to have each new development share of the costs of off-site capital facilities needed to serve the new development—to help growth pay for itself and reduce the financial burden on the existing community.

FHWA has recently developed a Developer Impact Fees – The Primer designed to provide information to transportation agencies that have DIF or are considering the use of DIF. The primer provides a practical information on what DIF is, how it works, where it used and case studies.

State and local (city, county, township, & tribe) transportation professionals are invited to a Value Capture Strategies: Developer Impact Fees-The Primer webinar on August 4, 2021, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET. The program will feature experts from leading state and local authorities sharing their Developer Impact Fees program including the processes, requirements, accounting & administration, and much more. Participants have an opportunity interact with peer experts to gain an in-depth understanding the benefits and applicability of Developer Impact Fees.

There is no cost to participate but the space is limited. You must register to reserve your connection/space