In 2019, the Construction industry had 971 deaths and over 200,000 recordable injuries, arguably the worst record of any major industry in the United States. Most of our industry does not realize how bad the situation is and assumes we are doing well with reasonable numbers. There is little communication and discussion of the subject and even less education and training on the many methods to eliminate or reduce hazards in the industry. Large companies are more likely to place a higher degree of importance on safety often through professional safety staff, while middle to smaller sized companies, that make up the majority of our industry, are less likely to promote and support safety to a high degree. Around the world in developing countries there is some evidence to indicate the problem is even worse. Continuing growth in our industry will make this even worse if we don’t start to do something different now.

The Safety Challenge is an effort to highlight the current problem and develop strategic opportunities to improve our safety record in the construction industry. The goal is to dramatically reduce the number of deaths and injuries over time and then continue to make significant and measurable improvements to our safety record. The Safety Challenge should be designed to help reduce deaths and injuries over a certain period of time.

In this seminar, you will learn how to establish a Safety Challenge for your organization, set goals, and take steps to meet those goals and improve overall workplace safety.