Course Description:

Are you or your agency in charge of a federal-aid project? Recipients of federal funds are responsible for managing, overseeing construction, supervising and inspecting project activities to ensure conformance with contract plans and specifications.

This Federal-Aid Responsible Charge Training is geared towards those who Local Public Agency staff or Contractors who are expected to be the person in Responsible Charge of Federally Funded Local Aid projects. This course will provide information for the first time Federal-aid recipient, but can also serve as a refresher of the conditions and expectations attached to the position.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the responsibilities entrusted to the Federal Highway Administration, New Jersey DOT, and the Local Public Agencies receiving Federal-aid
  • Understand the responsibility of the Person in Responsible Charge
  • Describe the basic requirements for internal controls to ensure the prudent use of public funds
  • Understand the eligibility requirements to ensure reimbursement on Federal-aid projects

Intended Audience:

This course will be geared towards the person in Responsible Charge however others will be encouraged to attend including bicycle and pedestrian advocate groups.

Credits: 7 PDH and CPWM 7 Government Contact Hours applied for

Presenter: Ted Green, P.E.


This workshop is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and New Jersey Department of Transportation through the New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program.