Course Description:

Working on and around local roads can be dangerous. The importance of having a formal worker safety program in place and how to establish an effective program should not be taken lightly. This “Worker Safety” workshop raises awareness about the primary hazards of working on and around our roadways and provides recognized practices for preventing serious injuries and fatalities. We will discuss common hazards workers are exposed to, ways to mitigate these risks, an overview of why accidents happen, and how to protect personnel through the use of personal protective equipment. Workplace awareness is stressed with emphasis runovers/backovers, struck by, falls, and environmental hazards that come with working outdoors in different weather conditions and worker tasks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the hierarchy of safety controls
  • Explain the role of engineering and administrative controls in a safety program
  • Describe public works, contractor, and worker safety responsibilities associated with highway construction
  • Identify preventive measures workers can employ to ensure their health

Intended Audience:

Public works and construction workers that work on local roadways. Engineers and inspectors that work in work zones may benefit as well.

Pre-Requisites: None

Credits: 2 PDH, 2 CPWM Technical Contact Hours

Presenter: Ted Green, P.E.

Sponsor: None