Map Maker Tool


This web-based tool will allow you to create a simple map and find the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) mile points and Standard Route Identifier (SRI) for your project. When you finish creating your map, you can download your map as a PDF file. If you are applying for funding from NJDOT, you can upload the PDF file to the System for Administering Grants Electronically (SAGE).

Note: Please use Google Chrome or the new Microsoft Edge

Create a New Map

Tell us about your project.

Draw Your Project

Zoom to your project location.Then use the buttons below to draw your project shape.

Click Next when finished drawing.

Confirm Mile Posts

Use the buttons below to select mile posts for each segment.

Click Next when finished.

Download your File

Take a look at your map below. Could someone locate your project from this map? If adjustments are needed, use Change Map Extent to zoom and pan the map frame or use Back to Edit to adjust your project shape. Also review the project title and description and click in the title block below to update that information if needed. Once you are happy with your map, click below to download. Save a copy for your records and then upload the PDF to SAGE.

Need to create another map? Click your browser's refresh/reload button to begin again.

Project Location
Nearest SRI Mile Point