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“Out of the Box” Safety Improvement Project on Rt. 29 Demonstrates NJDOT’s Commitment to Communities NJDOT partners with Mayor and Senator to deliver on 20-year old request.

The Commitment to Communities initiative is all about working with local officials to improve the quality of life for our residents and those who travel through New Jersey. I’ve called upon the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s (NJDOT) talented staff to think “outside the box” to address local concerns – exploring options that get things done while saving tax-payer money and making a difference on the ground in the communities we serve. This issue will highlight the Route 29 Road Diet safety improvement project in Lambertville, and I will share a few other “outside the box” projects that are in-the-works across our great state.

“Our community has been talking about improving pedestrian safety and slowing traffic on Route 29 for almost 20 years. Moving from talk to action has been one of my priorities and I am proud to have found willing partners in Governor Murphy and Commissioner Gutierrez-Scaccetti.”, Lambertville Mayor Julia Fahl.

Last month, the NJDOT completed a road diet that reduced a portion of Route 29 between Swan Road and the south end of Lambertville from two lanes to one to improve safety for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Road diets are a proven traffic calming design. In addition to restriping the roadway to implement the road diet, that stretch of Route 29 was resurfaced and approximately 50 designated parking spots were added to both sides. Additionally, designated U-turn lanes and new stop signs were installed.

This safety improvement project is a perfect example of how NJDOT makes a difference in communities. The project has been a priority for Lambertville for nearly 20 years. In just a few months of working together, NJDOT, Mayor Julia Fahl and State Senator Shirley Turner found a quick and cost effective way to complete the improvements before the school year started. This project was done for 1/30th the cost of past proposals considered by the NJDOT, with design completed in-house by our Bureau of Traffic Engineering and work was performed by our own Central Region Maintenance team in only 3 days.

NJDOT was proud to celebrate this impressive project with our partners at a press conference on September 10th. Lambertville Mayor Fahl, State Senator Turner, NJDOT Chief of Staff Jay Jiminez and the NJDOT Engineering team who were responsible for designing the project were among the attendees. Mayor Fahl called this an example of a practical and effective solution with state and local government working together.

“I am extremely grateful for NJDOT’s willingness to work with us on modifying this dangerous stretch of roadway,” said State Senator Shirley Turner. “The plan is cost effective and was completed quickly, but most importantly, it addresses the safety concerns that have long been an issue for the Lambertville community.”

I am proud to share that the Route 29 Lambertville Project is only one of many “out of the box” solutions that NJDOT has explored in partnership with local governments. We have completed and are developing similar “quick fixes” to address local concerns in places like Highland Park, Clinton Township and Princeton. These projects will work within the existing roadway footprint and utilize methods like restriping, improving signage, and adjusting signal timing to improve safety across the state. Through Commitment to Communities, the NJDOT is listening to the needs of our partners and developing creative solutions that save money and have long-term quality of life benefits for New Jerseyans. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter and please feel free to share it with your colleagues. If you have any questions about any of the information in the newsletter please feel free to contact NJDOT’s Office of Constituent Relations at 609-963-1982.

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