State Funded Programs

Discover Our State Funded Programs

The State Aid Program is one method by which the NJDOT can work with county and municipal governments to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the state's transportation system.

County Aid

Funding to supplement county transportation programs and projects.

Applications Due: December 1, 2019

Municipal Aid

Funding to supplement municipal transportation programs and projects.

Local Aid Infrastructure Fund

Funding to address emergencies and regional needs throughout the State.


Funding to promote bicycling as an alternate mode of transportation throughout the State.

Safe Streets to Transit

Funding to counties and municipalities for improving access to transit facilities and all nodes of public transportation.

Transit Village

Funding for non-traditional transportation-related projects to municipalities formally designated as a Transit Village.

Local Bridges Fund

Funding for the State’s 21 counties for improvement of county-owned bridges.

Applications Due: October 17, 2019

Local Freight Impact Fund

Funding for counties and municipalities to mitigate the impacts to their local transportation system that are associated with the State’s freight industry.

Applications Due: October 17, 2019