PMRS videos

Project Management and Reporting System
PMRS - Setting up an account

PMRS Overview

Local Aid Agreement Execution (LAAE) Process
Local Aid Project Management Process (LAMP)
PMRS Local Aid Invoice Approval (LAINV) Tutorial

County Aid ATP Process (CAACF)

County Aid Resolution Submission (CARES)
eBuilder PMRS User Guide

Local Bridges Application Agreement & Certification of Funds (BAACF) Tutorial

PMRS PDF documents

Local Aid Award Extension (LAAEX) Process
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Local Aid Agreement Execution (LAAE) Process
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Access Delegation in PMRS

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How To Check Status

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County Aid Resolution Submission (CARES) Process
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Bluebeam Videos

Overview and Benefits of Bluebeam
Importing NJDOT Profile
Interface and Navigation
Useful Tools
Preparing a Document
Starting and Finishing a Session
Filtering Markups
Resolving Comments
Creating a Markup Summary