Local Aid Infrastructure Fund

  Accepting applications

Subject to funding appropriation, the Local Aid Infrastructure Fund is established to address emergencies and regional needs throughout the State.

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Who is Eligible

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  • New Jersey Municipalities

  • New Jersey Counties

Program Benefits

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    Counties and municipalities may apply at any time

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    Address projects that come up due to unforeseen circumstances

Selection Criteria

Repairs & Replacements

Emergency bridge repairs, guide rail replacements, and repairs to drainage failures at critical transportation locations.

Multi-modal Improvements

Safety improvements to critical bike and pedestrian locations.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Projects that arise due to unforeseen circumstances.


How to Apply to State Aid Programs

All applications are to be submitted online through SAGE (System for Administering Grants Electronically). An applicant can submit up to two (2) applications for each fiscal year. Applications are evaluated in the field and scored based on the existing conditions and information provided in the applications as well as the applicant’s past performance in managing grants. Upon review of all applications and subsequent rankings, a list of recommended projects is forwarded to the Commissioner of Transportation for consideration and approval. Once approved by the commissioner, all municipalities and counties are notified in writing of the disposition of their application. View the State Aid Handbook and Special Provisions for State Aid Projects.

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