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School Safety Improvements

Ventnor to use DOT grant for school safety improvements

VENTNOR — Walking to school will soon be a lot safer in the island community as the city will use a $207,000 grant for traffic and pedestrian safety improvements near the Ventnor Educational Community Complex.

“Safety improvements for our children to access the school is a priority,” Mayor Beth Holzman said.

The improvements will extend along Lafayette Avenue from Ventnor Gardens Plaza to Fulton Avenue.

At the Ventnor Gardens Plaza intersection, high-visibility crosswalks will be added. Curb extensions will be added at the intersections of Ventnor Gardens Plaza and Balfour, Essex and Fulton avenues. Pedestrian refuge islands will be added at the intersections of Balfour, Essex and Fulton.

In addition, the city will paint shared-lane markings for bicyclists and the 60-foot-wide cross-section of Lafayette Avenue will be modified to include bike lanes and a center turn lane.