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ALLENTOWN – The Allentown Borough Council has awarded a contract for the Historic Streetscape Phase IIA improvements to Captain Construction Inc., South River.

Council members took the action during a meeting on Nov. 12.

Councilman Robert Strovinsky said Phase IIA will consist of improvements to North Main Street and the Church Street parking lot.

For North Main Street, the work will cover new sections of sidewalk, aprons, ramps that are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, curbing, the resetting of historic slate curbs and historic brick walkways. There will be new street signs and poles installed.

Strovinsky said the Church Street parking lot will have curbs and a walkway installed from Church Street to the parking area. The tentative timeline is to begin the project in April, with completion in August.

According to the resolution awarding the contract, seven bids were received on Nov. 8 for the project, which is being funded with grants from the New Jersey Department of Transportation ($235,000) and the Monmouth County Planning Department ($138,000), for a total of $373,000 in grant funding. Officials will provide $96,432 from Allentown’s general capital fund.

The borough engineer’s estimate for the contract was $416,973 and the lowest bid received was from Captain Construction in the amount of $469,432, which is approximately 12% above the engineer’s estimate, according to the resolution.

The borough engineer reviewed the company’s bid and found that all conditions set forth in the bid proposal had been satisfied. In addition, the borough engineer contacted the contractor’s references and received favorable responses, according to the resolution.

Other bids for the project were received from S. Batata Construction, Seacoast Construction Inc., S. Brothers Inc., V&K Construction Inc., United Terrain Group and Berto Construction.

Strovinsky said Phase IIB of the streetscape project does not have timeline. He said a grant will address improvements to all of Church Street. The work will cover sidewalks, aprons, ADA ramps and curbs. In addition, historic styled lighting will be installed in the business district of North Main Street and Church Street.